Test instructions


Please read the instructions, before you start with the test procedure and before you open the sealed pouch with the test cassette!


  1. Follow the exact instructions on the package insert / instructions for use.
  2. Only use the included pipette.
  3. This test is solely intended for “in vitro” use.
  4. Do not swallow.
  5. Contaminated blood can produce false results.
  6. The test can only be used once.
  7. Dispose of immediately after use (do not put it aside!).
  8. Do not use the test after it has passed its expiration date.
  9. Do not use the test if the bag is not sealed or contains holes in it.
  10. Keep out of reach of children.

Storage of the test:

  1. Store at temperatures from 4° C to 30° C.
  2. Store in a sealed bag.
  3. Keep away from sunlight, moisture and heat.
  4. Do not freeze.

Additional instructions:

  1. Use a watch to measure evaluation time.
  2. Read the result within the specified time (e.g. 15 minutes). Do not refer to the result after such time.
  3. Due to technical constraints involved in quick tests, the result will change after the time specified – it is then no longer a valid result after that time.

Before application of the test:

  1. If the test was stored in a cold room, wait until the test has reached a temperature of 10° C to 30° C.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly to avoid contamination of the sample.
  3. When performing the test on another person, make sure to wear disposable gloves.

Now please choose your test kit:

Type 1:

Code HVB – HIV test kit for blood – 4th generation
Code HV3 – HIV test kit for blood – 3rd generation

Type 2: discontinued.

Type 3:

Code HPC – Hepatitis C test kit for blood

Type 4:

Code HPB – Hepatitis B test kit for blood
Code SYP – Syphilis test kit for blood

Type 5:

Code AFP – Apha-Fetoprotein (multiple cancers) test kit for blood
Code PSA – Prostate cancer (PSA) test kit for blood

Type 6:

Code TRIP – Gonorrhea smear test kit
Code CHLA – Chlamydia smear test kit

Type 7:

Code FOB – Faecal occult blood test kit (bowel cancer) for a stool sample

Type 8: discontinued.