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Earn money easily with links and coupons

Welcome to the home page for our affiliate program:

With our affiliate program you can earn money on the side without much effort. Thus, as our affiliate, you can create an additional passive income, independently, without stress and without much work. You don’t even need your own website for this – it also works with any social media account (e.g. Instagram).

Here are the most important links:

Registration for your to register as a new affiliate with us (free and without obligation)
Login for existing affiliates, to access your affiliate account with us
Dashboard for existing affiliates (after you have logged in), to manage your account and see the clicks or earnings

Information about our affiliate program:

For the free and non-binding registration we only need your email address, your first name, your family name and the link to your website. If you do not have your own website, you can also give us your Instagram profile, for example (in the format We would also like to know from you how you intend to advertise for us: please describe briefly how you will set links to our website or use voucher codes.

After we have checked your application positively, you will be activated by an administrator and you can then immediately start with your marketing measures – every click or every customer counts!

Please refrain from SPAM. Newsletters are fine, but only if the recipients have consented to receiving them or at least have the option for the recipient to permanently unsubscribe from the newsletter. Please do not comment SPAM on social media as this does not reflect well on our company.

And these are the advertising opportunities for you:

  • Simple texts
  • Newsletters to your customers
  • Telegram discussion groups
  • Reports on our offer
  • Product images from our website
  • Advertising banners provided by us
  • Stories, reels and videos in social media
  • Comments on third-party posts in social media
  • Portal websites for our offer (created by yourself)
  • 5% or 10% discount codes specially for your customers/visitors
  • Tailored measures for high-traffic affiliates
  • And much more…

The commission and technical information:

We generally offer our affiliates a 10% commission. For affiliates that bring us a high turnover, we can also talk about a slightly higher commission if no coupon codes or coupon codes with a maximum of minus 3% are used.

In general, the basis for the commission is the price of the goods excluding VAT. Shipping costs and payment costs are also not taken into account. We reserve the right to exclude certain special offers, products or product groups for which very little surcharge has been calculated (if you need information about that, please open a support ticket after you successfully registered as an affiliate).

We register visitors who come from you to our website with the referral code that you must send with your link (e.g. Unfortunately, without a correct link, we cannot correctly assign the visitors. If you are not familiar with this or are unsure, please open a support ticket.

We work with cookies: when a visitor comes from you, a cookie is set for the visitor, which is valid for 21 days. That’s a really generous period. This means that if a customer was referred by you and orders from us within 21 days, you will receive a commission for this. Should it happen that a visitor first comes to us from affiliate A, and later comes to us again from affiliate B, then the previous cookie for affiliate A will be overwritten by a cookie for affiliate B, which means that in the case of an order Affiliate B receives the commission.

In our affiliate dashboard you can (simply log in and access the affiliate dashboard) view the visits (clicks) you have generated, the individual commissions per order and the payments to you at any time.

You don’t need any additional software or special configuration – it really is that easy!

And this is how it all goes:

We bill monthly and you will receive a payment as soon as you have reached a commission of at least 100 euros. To do this, we need your bank details within the EU (holder of the bank account, IBAN and BIC) in good time – please enter this data in the affiliate dashboard. If you don’t have an account within the European Union, it’s best to apply for a bank account with WISE.COM (formerly “TransferWise”) – it’s free, quick and easy. You can then also exchange your earnings into other currencies at WISE (e.g. US dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, Hungarian forints, etc.). In special cases, we can also transfer to an account outside the EU – here, however, a minimum commission of 300 euros applies and the bank charges will be charged.

As soon as you have received information from us about an upcoming payout, you must send us an invoice for the commission we owe you – unfortunately no payment is possible without an invoice. It is up to you which data you enter here, we only need the following on the invoice:

  • Your name and a valid address (incl. country)
  • An EU VAT number (if available)
  • Our full company address and our VAT number (as the recipient of the invoice)
  • The invoice date
  • The reason for the invoice (e.g. “I will charge you for commissions in the period May 2025”)
  • The invoice amount
  • The reference to “reverse charge” (if you have a VAT number within the EU)
  • The reference to “VAT exempt” if applicable
  • In the case of companies registered in the trading book, information on where and under which number it was registered
  • Your bank details and a note that the invoice amount should be transferred within 21 days

Alternatively, if you wish, you can exchange the credit from your activity as our affiliate for goods from our online shop. So you get free HIV rapid tests – for yourself and others.

Other payment options, such as Bitcoin, will be checked by us in the near future.

Legal and miscellaneous:

Participation in our affiliate program is voluntary, without a minimum turnover, without compulsion, without obligations and can be terminated by either side at any time without notice. There is no written contract – no signature is required. Furthermore, we can change or end the affiliate program at any time. Commissions are subject to change without notice and by simple notice here on this page. The legal process is excluded. There is no entitlement to participate in our affiliate program. The affiliate program is also subject to our applicable data protection regulations and general terms and conditions. Our affiliate program is provided “as is” and no specific function or benefit can be derived from it.